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If you love the shag dance, beach music, and the people, you can now enjoy it all right here at home. 
The SamCo Shag Club is a new organization created to unite Sampson County Shagger's for a great time, close to home.  The Club will routinely offer monthly socials, tentatively on the 1st Friday of the each month.  For the year of 2018 we will have several socials on a Saturday.  Stay tuned for more information.  You may check out our calendar for the schedule social, events, times, and places.  As the club grows, we'll offer more events, shag lessons, and fellowship events with other shag clubs.  Check back here often for updates.  We'll see you on the dance floor!!!

Events for SamCo Shag Club for 2018 will be held at Coharie Country Club, 101 Coharie Drive, Clinton NC.  And the Agri-Expo Center, 141 Warsaw Rd., Clinton, N.C.
Please check back often on our calendar for events, times, and places. 

SAMCO is a member of the National FastDance Association.

Tables available by text on March 1st for members and March 10th for others.
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Above is a PDF with table arrangements.  Open and select your table and call on March 1st, or 10th.

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